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Spring Casing Centralizer
Jereh Drilltech provides various non-welded bow spring centralizers, which are designed and manufactured as per API Spec 10D.
The popular styles available are non-welded single bow spring centralizer, and double-bow spring centralizer with high reliable quality, which can be used to replace Weatherford centralizer.

Spring Centralizer Characters
• Super-strengthen spring steel
• Model processing, no rivet , no welding
•3-section structure for easy transport
•Starting and resetting force conform to API standard
•Easy for installation                                     

                                                                                 Single Bow      Double Bow
                                                                                Centralizer      Centralizer

Rigid Casing Centralizer
As one useful cement tool, rigid centralizer enables casing run easily in wellbore with its shape of stream-lined. There are two kinds of Rigid Centralizer available: spiral blade rigid centralizer and straight blade centralizer.
The material for both kinds of centralizers can be cast steel or cast aluminum.


                                                                                            Rigid Centralizer

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