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Super Fishing Jar
Super fishing jar is designed to permit the operator to easily and simply control the intensity of the jarring blow within a wide range, from a very light impact to a blow of very high impact. Various model of super fishing jar are available as below.

Surface Jar
The surface jar is an effective tool to be used when you are stuck off bottom. The jarring strength of jar can be easily adjusted. The surface jar, which not only can bear heavy load and strong torque, but also owns a good sealing property and can withstand the mud circulation with high pump pressure.

Drilling Jar
The drilling jar is an effective tool for releasing stuck drill pipe. The drilling jar is consisting of drilling up jar and drilling down jar, both up and down jars can be used mutually or operated separately. Jereh Drilltech offers six types of drilling jar for customer's option.

Jar Intensifier
Jar intensifier is designed to store the energy developed by the pull on the drill string, and release this energy to accelerate drill collars upward when the jar releases. Jar intensifier is a down hole fishing jar designed to increase jarring energy to up jar, should be run in conjunction with super jar or hydraulic up jar.

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