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Product Introduction
Desander is a secondary solid control equipment for drilling fluid treatment. According to the diameter of the cyclone, it can be divided into cyclone desilter and cyclone desilter. The drilling fluid desilter is mainly used to separate solid particles with a particle size of 47-76 um from drilling fluid.There are three types of desander,which were designed by Jereh. Jereh desander could be adjustable to small or big drilling rig.
Product Details

• WS-2SF / WS-3SF:For oil gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud.Small footprint, economic choice, no consumable screens.Wet cuttings, not recommended for Weighted mud and drying solids.Type:

• ZJ752F-1S / ZJ752F-2S:For oil gas drilling small drilling rig, CBM drilling, HDD, Water Well drilling.Small footprint, economic choice, acceptable drying solids.    3. ZJ703F-S2SF / ZJ703F-S3SF: For oil gas drilling big drilling rig , large HDD rig, Tunneling Boring Machine etc. Big capacity,,drying solids.

Model ZJ752F-1S/2S ZJ703F-S2SF ZJ703F-S3SF WS-2SF/3SF
Capacity 120/240m3/h (528/1056GPM) 240m3/h (1056GPM) 360m3/h (1584GPM) 240/360m3/h (1056/1584GPM)
Desander Size(Inch)
Desander Qty 1/2 Pc 2 Pcs 3 Pcs 2/3 Pcs
Working Pressure
Feeding Size
Output Size
Bottom Shaker Specs. Shaker Model ZS752F ZS703F N/A
Linear Motion
2×0.75Kw 2×1.72Kw
2 Panels 3 Panels
750×900mm 700×1250mm
1.35m2 2.63m2
Adjust G Force ≤7.1G(Adjustable) ≤7.5G(Adjustable)
Vibration Amplitude 3.92~5.62mm 4.14~5.96mm
Deck Angle Range +2° -1~+5°
EX Standard
Weight(Kg) 1059/1114kg 1835kg 1924kg 502/559kg
Dimension:mm 1676×1754×1822 2419×2131×1656 2419×2135×2066 2177×1000×1901