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Plug Valves
Product Introduction
Plug valves are important high pressure products for well service to allow and stop flow by plug rotation. Plug valves feature high strength and excellent sealing capability. The body is forged from premium alloy steel, delivering high strength and hardness. Plug surface is enhanced to deliver high wear resistance and sealing capability. To meet diverse needs, we introduces 5 basic types including manual, hydraulic, electric, handwheel and hydraulic & manual for different applications.
Product Details

Special tool kit and repair kit are available for inline and quick maintenance.

 Special seal structure and seal material ensure sealing reliability.

 User-friendly designs of obvious open/close and limit signs.

 Special coating technology on plug surface delivers excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

 Low open/close torque enables easy and quick operation.

Rated Working Pressure 69.0MPa~103.5MPa (10,000psi~15,000psi)
Nominal Size 2″
Temperature Rating -29℃~121℃(PU), -46℃~121℃ (LU) -20℉~250℉ (PU),-50℉~250℉(LU)
Service Standard, Sour Gas
Application Fracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines