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Solids Control System
Solids Control System
Product Introduction
Solids control system is also called drilling fluid purification system, mainly used for solids control and solid-liquid separation, so that drilling fluid can be recycled. The system is composed of three to seven composite tanks with four-stage purification equipment, application to oil drilling projects up to 2000-7000m. The system is innovated with composite tanks of taper base and mud agitators at tank borders to prevent solid sedimentation. Besides, mud tanks and mud boxes can be partitioned or combined as needed during drilling process. Each mud tank is connected via pipe networks with one another. Valve of suction pipe is flexible for opening and has good sealing effect when being closed.
Product Details

1. Easy installation: skid-mounted drilling mud solids control system is manufactured and assembled in our factory. There is little installation work required on site and the system can be put into use after interface pipelines and external electrical devices are connected.

2. Convenient moving: it can be easily moved since all its functional components are integrated on one base.

3. Compact design and small footprint: skid-mounted drilling mud solids control system has compact equipment structure and occupies less space than that installed traditionally.