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Frac Tree & Manifold System
Frac Tree & Manifold System
Product Introduction
Frac Tree & Manifold System used in fracturing and acidizing applications. Frac Tree& Manifold is suitable for fracturing of various wells. The frac manifold serves to connect the frac trucks to the wellhead. Jereh supplies various frac tree & manifold system from 4 1/16”~7 1/16”, with working pressure 10,000PSI~ 15,000PSI .
Product Details

Design and manufacture conform to API SPEC 6A /16C.

Modified forged alloy steel is applied for main pressure-containing parts and flanges. Special heat treatment is conducted for better performance in H2S service.

Technical Specification
Bore Size 4-1/16"~7-1/16"
Working Pressure 10,000psi~15,000psi
Material Class AA~FF
Working Medium Drilling Fluid, Oil, Gas (H2S, CO2),Water