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Mud Agitator
Product Introduction
Product Details

JBQ series slurry mixer adopts circular arc cylindrical worm reducer, with circular arc cylindrical worm in shaft section and conjugate circle with turbine teeth. Therefore, concave and convex teeth have reliable performance, high efficiency and compact structure,large stirring intensity and wide sweep range.

Model Motor Speed Impeller Impeller Qty Ratio EX Standard Weight Dimension:mm
JBQ030D 3kW 650mm 1 154kg 717×560×472
JBQ055D 5.5kW 850mm 1 280kg 892×700×600
JBQ075D 60/72RPM (50Hz/60Hz) 950mm 1 EXdIIBt4/ IECEX/ A-TEX 287kg
JBQ075DD 7.5kW 800mm 2 25:01:00 297kg 980×750×608
JBQ110D 1050mm 1 402kg
JBQ110DD 11kW 850mm 2 419kg 1130×840×655
JBQ150D 1100mm 1 423kg
JBQ150DD 15kW 950mm 2 441kg 1158×840×655
JBQ185DD 18.5kW 1050mm 2 746kg 1270×1000×730
JBQ220DD 22kW 1100 2 820kg 1270×1000×730
Remarks: Shaft and impeller will be provided by GN,
but not including in the weight & dimension. Shaft is 15 Kg per meter.